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We are passionate about farming with nature, using regenerative farming methods to produce tasty and nutritious food. Our soil building techniques result in nutrient rich pasture and a healthy farm ecosystem. Our animals thrive in this environment and we rarely need to use any form of treatment to keep them healthy.

All our beef comes from our herd of 100% pasture fed Angus and Hereford cattle. We are proud to be Pasture For Life certified - this guarantees that all our cattle a​re fed on an entirely natural diet of pasture and forage and are healthier, with reduced incidence of diseases and use of antibiotics. Pasture-fed benefits our environment with a lower carbon footprint than farms where cereal crops are grown for animal feed, the use of legumes to enhance production without the use of chemical-based fertilisers and prohibited use of soya whose production is often associated with land use change and environmental damage. Our fully traceable Pasture for Life meat has lower fat levels and higher levels of Omega-3 and other vitamins and minerals. To find out more, visit

Our chickens and rare breed pigs are kept out at pasture where possible. and given every opportunity to display their natural behaviour. They are moved regularly to enable them to forage for their own food and we supplement them with a responsibly sourced soy and GM free diet to keep them in the best of health. Our chickens are slow grown to 81 days which produces a darker, more textured meat with real flavour.

Our laying hens are out in the fields with a livestock guardian dog keeping watch over them. They produce delicious pasture raised eggs which are higher in vitamin A, E, omega-3, beta carotene and lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than standard free range eggs. Availability of eggs varies throughout the year due to seasonality and age of our flock. 


Our produce is available in our farm shop and at selected farmers markets. It is sold vacuum packed, fresh or frozen - our pork & chicken is seasonal and the beef is available throughout the year. We are farmers not shop keepers so please forgive us if we do not have every cut in stock all the time. Sign up to our newsletter for updates. If you would like to place an order, please email​​


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